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The coast line and valleys of the Maltese Islands offer plenty of playing ground for the Outdoor and Adventurous people of Malta. Mastering tax-Xaqqa rock climb for the first time would be a lifetime achievement for the climbing newbie. Nothing beats that adrenaline rush and that sense of accomplishment after making it to the top just to discover that you are now hooked to the rocks for ever. You spend every weekend with your climbing buddies exploring new climbs refining your skills and carving your fingers in the Maltese limestone.

Others just want to enjoy the countryside and spend quality time with their friends and relatives. Scouts go camping over the weekend in Golden Bay or Bahar ic-Caghaq. The Ramblers explore the countryside with a sense of pride taking interest in the natural habitat of Malta. Hiking or Trekking are all valid reasons to spend a day out in the wild. If you are bored abseiling can be an option and so is paragliding or trail running.

The brave ones challenge the Everest or the Kilimangaro making a nice, peaceful and relaxing holiday out of it. Not!

One thing is for sure for these people FLAT IS BORING.

If you are a real outdoor person you know what Buff® stands for. It is the brand that connects all the outdoor activities together. Rain or shine Buff® is your ideal companion in your next outdoor experience.

Buff® offers various products for the outdoor world.
The Original Buff® is perhaps the most popular with outdoor people. This seamless tubular scarf
is made out of a technical microfiber ideal for hot and cold weather conditions. In hot weather microfiber is highly breathable allowing perspiration to pass through keeping you cool and dry whilst in colder weather the microfiber increases it surface area making the product windproof protecting you from chills and drafts. It can be worn in up to fifteen different ways making it the most comfortable item you can wear on or around your head.

In sunny weather the UV Buff® which is manufactured from Coolmax® material offers 95% protection from the sun. The Visor Buff® has the added benefit of a neoprene peek which provides shade over your face.

In extreme cold weather conditions a Polar Buff® or a lt Reversible Polar Buff® will keep you warmer with the introduction of a Polartec® fleece 100 lining. Alternatively you may want to experience the comfort and technical characteristics of the Merino Wool Buff®.

The Hood Buff® and Hoodie Buff® are a must if you are travelling to cooler locations. They offer all round head protection keeping you warm. The Cyclone Buff® is wind resistant thanks to the Windstopper® material. It is excellent in extreme conditions and if you want to look really cool after a hard day in the wild you may want to sport the Reversible Headband Buff® which comes in a wide range of styles and materials.

Buff® products are specially treated to carry anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties making them the ideal item to wear in any weather condition.

Use a Buff® during your next outdoor expedition, You will feel the difference!

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