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How to wear


  • Wear it around your neck for casual wear or during sports - all year round.

Neck Warmer

  • Pull it up to cover the chin and the back of the neck in cooler weather.

Face Mask

  • Ideal for dirt, dust, rain or cold.

  • Easily adjusted with one hand.

  • Highly breathable. Worn by cross country ski racers in extreme cold and runners in the heat of the Marathon des Sables.

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  • Total warmth.

  • Total sun protection.

  • Pull up the bottom seam over your mouth for added warmth.

Head Band

  • Fold it for a pro look, or scrunch up for casual wear.

  • Can be worn over the ears for cold weather activities.

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  • A simple twist makes a Buff® into a hat for cold weather wear.

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  • No knot to tie and easy to adjust .

  • Wear it under your helmet without adjusting the helmet size.

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  • Covers the top of the head and the back of the neck.

Hair Band

  • Simple to pull on.

  • Ideal for long or short hair.

Head Scarf

  • Just pull the Buff back and you've got a great look .

  • No more bad hair days!


  • Keeps your hair back and looks stylish.

  • Simply adjust the way you wear it on the go.


  • Makes it easy to carry!

  • Ideal for tennis and other racquet sports.


  • Protects your neck when you are out in the sun.


  • Covers the whole of the head protecting you from the chills of winter.

  • Excellent way to wear underneath a motorbike helmet.

Do Rag

  • Keeps your hair in place and covers your neck from sun rays.

  • Cool and funky way to wear a Buff®.

Helmet Liner

  • Wear it undeneath you bike helmet to wick away sweat.

  • Keeps your head warm in winter.

  • Protection from the sun, wind and cold.

Hat Liner

  • Absorbs sweat and keeps you cool.

  • Can be used to cover your ears if cold.

  • Keeps hair in place.

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