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Buff® on top of Europe's Highest Peak. - Gregory Attard

Published by Buff® Malta in Sport · 8/10/2012 21:10:23

Mountaineer Dr Gregory Attard, One of the only two Maltese men who together with Marco Cremona conquered Mount Everest shared his views about Buff® headwear during his latest expedition. This time Europe's highest peak Mount Elbrus.

Elbrus is an extinct volcano, having it’s last eruption around 50 AD, and it’s crater (300-400 metres in diameter) is now filled with ice and snow. The mountain still retains it’s gently sloping, conical shape. The mountain has two main summits; the Western summit at 5,642.7 metres (18,513 feet) elevation and the Eastern summit at 5,621 metres (18,442 feet) elevation. The saddle between the two summits is at ,5416 merers (17,769 feet) elevation

On mountains headwear is key.
You need to keep your head protected and warm without limiting your visibility, range of movement. In addition you need to strap on your helmet, your head torch or GoPro. Hoods, balaclavas, beanies, neck gaiters, face masks…. Trust me I’ve tried them all …. These work great in theory but when you are really pushing the limits, things tend to move around and become uncomfortable. When you are out in the dark on your summit push and its blisteringly cold and the elements are tearing away at your skin you need something, which is comfortable, and stays put.

The hood Buff® is a fascinating peace of equipment. Its wind proof yet breathable making sure you don’t overheat. In addition combined with an original Buff® worn as a helmet liner it leaves very little exposed. In addition your goggles or glacier glasses won’t fog up as its very easy to breath though the fabric.

Simple, effective and cool…..

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